Today, I choose JOY.

​Good morning & happy Sunday. 🏞

It’s beautiful & sunny here today & at this very moment, I just decided I will MAKE today a great day. I will focus on my home, my children,  my relationships,  my pets, all of the things that bring joy to my soul. I had horrendous,  painful nightmares last night and they terrified me to the point I refused to go back to sleep. I’m tired of course, but they were such a reminder  to me that all of the other things in life are just filler. The real substance, the real important things are the people under your roof. The people you call your friends. The people you call your family – blood or otherwise. 

I am striving to improve my life in many ways. Today, I will continue to try and live a healthier lifestyle. Today  I also choose to let go of things that weigh heavily on my heart & mind.  I can not be a present wife,  mother,  friend or business owner with an unfocused mind. Today, I set that emotional weight free. I choose to walk today with a lighter soul. I choose to walk with purpose. Joy.



Why I want to lose weight

In the reading materials that I received in my first Nutrisystem delivery, it’s suggested that I take stock of why I want to lose weight. It listed the following 8 reasons and suggest that if I need a pick-me-up over the next week that I come back and take a look at this list.

  • Improve my health
  • Increase my quality of life
  • Feel comfortable in my clothes
  • Feel more confident
  • Look better
  • Feel better
  • Sleep better
  • Other

Honestly I want to lose weight for all of these reasons. My health over the last year has completely deteriorated. I want to be able to live a very long healthy life and see my children as they grow old. I want to be able to you see a piece of clothing that I love and feel confident that it will be in my size and that it will flatter my body. I want to be able to sleep and not feel pain in my back and legs and shoulders.

I want my confidence about. I want to be a positive example for my children. I want to be able to keep up with my children. I want to be able to keep up with my friends.

These are just some of the reasons why I’m deciding to embark on this journey. I start Nutrisystem in the morning and I am so excited!

On your last day of preschool…

Today, you hit another milestone.  Another year in the books. The first of your school years, done & over with. You woke up this morning so excited for your last day of school because you swore it ment when you wake up tomorrow, it will be summer. You dressed yourself,  went potty with out me reminding you,  brushed your teeth and helped me get your brother dressed. When did you become so independent?

We took our dog to the vet before school. We played with a tortoise and you commented on all of the dogs who came and went before us. You reminded everyone working there that we needed to hurry so that you wouldn’t be late for school. You kept them on their toes!

At school you laughed and played and enjoyed yourself so much. I gathered some of the days craft projects to bring home and do with you because you were too excited to play with your friends one last time before summer break. You played and ended your time at school by picking me a handful of wild flowers.  You melt my heart with your generous gifts. I seriously, just, melt.

We celebrated by getting a strawberry milk shake and going home and doing crafts. You told me that your favorite thing you learned at school was how to use the see-saw. You said your best friend is Abby (she said you were her’s too by the way, I have a photo to show it). You said you loved swinging with your friends. When we were done, you had me take a photograph of your toys and crafts so we can remember them and talk about them on another day. You said today was one of the best days ever because you got to see your friends. You theb askes me about every 10 minutes for 3 hours if it was time to get our dog from the vet yet. When we were leaving you surprises me when you said, “mom I have thr picture I colored for Buddy to make him feel better. Can I give it to him?”. Oh of course my darling, let me just wipe my proud mama tears and we will go get him and you can give him that sweet picture.

At bed time, you said you wanted to put yourself to sleep. We’ve been working toward a fun incentive for when you put yourself to sleep for so many nights in a row. After I got your brother to sleep, I went to check on you.  You sat up and asked me to Stay with you a while. I explained I could do that if she really wants that or we could keep working up to her incentive. She said,  “I just want you to put me to sleep mama. That’s my choice. I have enough toys, I don’t need anything else.” Enough said my love. 

You were such a big girl and made such beautiful choices all day long. I’ll never fault you for choosing to let me hold you to sleep. I want you to know that I am so proud of you.  I am constantly taken back time after time by the goos decisions you make and the thought you put into things.  I strive to be more like you daily and at the end of the day when you choose ME, it feels like I am winning at life. You are so beautiful inside my love.

You’ll wake up tomorrow and we will begin our first summer break of many. 

I love you my sweet baby girl. 

I signed up with Nutrisystem

I weighed myself the other day.

I completely shocked myself when I looked at the number. I am officially at my largest weight, ever. More than during or after any of my pregnancies or the time before I lost a tone of weight before my pregnancies. I, felt crushed.

A couple of weeks ago I had weighed myself for the first time in a long time and I had gained 10 lbs. Now, 6 lbs more than that. So 16 lbs gained in about 2 or so months. Who does that? How does that happen? I am the first to admit that I do not eat the best. I love good food, I love bad food. I love all food.  But I certainly don’t eat that much or that badly that I should be gaining much weight let alone so much weight that quickly.

I do plan to visit a doctor soon to have some blood work ran. But I needed to do something to get control of my life. I signed up for Nutrisystem. I love the idea of having the food delivered for each of my meals. Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. I also signed up for a local organic produce delivery service, where I can have that food delivered once a week on top of the Nutrisystem meals.

I am looking forward to taking back my life again.

I also walked about 3 miles today with my daughter and that felt really good to do. We both had a really great time, walking a trail we haven’t walked before.


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How do you treat yo’self?

We do so much to take care of our faces…..exfoliate, moisturize, shave, pluck, mask, and more. What do you do to take care of the skin on the rest of your body?

I am probably the worst at this! I’m genuinely looking for ideas.  I almost never use lotion or moisturize my body besides my face and neck.  My skin is horribly dry and I honestly don’t even know where to begin. My feet are horribly dry and cracked.  My arms and legs are visibly dry.  

Do I start with exfoliating? Lotion? Oil? Whatever it is it has to be mom life friendly because I feel like I have zero time after  a shower to pamper myself. 

Help a girl out! 😉 Tell me what you do!



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