Sunday morning, prepping for my first blog post.

My FIRST blog post. Many hours were spent planning out what it should be. An introduction of who I am, why I am writing, what I’ll be writing about, etc…

Do you have tiny humans that are the pickiest eaters? Do you serve them meal after meal only to have them through their blueberries at the cat and sneak food to the dog under the table? I do! I think about 93% of most meals end up being wasted by my little ones.

I can’t recall how I came up with this idea,  but, it’s totally freaking brilliant! Kids always love food served up in new ways. Pancakes shaped like a bear head, food served on a plate like a face, etc… So I started using muffin baking tins and other containers with dividers in them to serve up food for my kids. It presents lots of a variety of foods for them and when they are done snacking I can cover it up and place it in the fridge until the next time they are hungry for a snack.

Here is what I dished up this morning, along with cups of water. Look at my kids faces. Don’t they look like happy healthy little darlings?

Excuse G’s face. He was bopping all around out of sheer happiness from his amazing mixed food plate. Then…

Splash! A whole water bottle full of water was flung everywhere. Then, a second cup was slowly intentionally dumped. A was screaming about feeding her Elsa doll and why did G have to throw water on Elsa’s “pie” which was actually chips with blueberries in between them. My dog was looking up at me with a “save me” face. I could sense I was about to lose it so I yelled for my husband to come help.

I got that mess cleaned up and as I tried to corral everyone back to the table to enjoy breakfast, G started wandering around like a zombie.

I said, “Hey G man, sit at the table”. He looked up at me with his little zombie eyes,  and puked on me. Then on the floor. I had a plastic tub on the counter and I grabbed it to catch the rest of the puke. R (HUBBY) and I tag teamed the task of cleaning up G and the kitchen and got that all under control.

No one ate breakfast. Haha!

So, there you have it. What really goes on behind the scenes of a blog post that is intended to be pretty and informative and cause women all over the world to swoon at the life in the photos. I didn’t even care that I didn’t get my camera out to take good photos for my first post. This was just so perfectly candid.

This is exactly what my blog will be about.  Real life momming. The good and the bad. I hope you’ve enjoyed my first post. I’m going to slip in to something a little less covered in puke, and clean up the dishes that have accumulated in the kitchen since dinner last night.

Have your coffee. Tell your kids you love them. Try to make it through the day. 😉


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  1. Great intentions, sorry
    it all went south on you, hang in there, you are a wonderful Mommy, love you!


  2. Wonderful blog, sorry there was a little hiccup, your amazing, kids are amazing, this is life, and you have a great life. Loving husband, kids, family and friends! Oh and you have me!! Haha love ya


  3. Nice. We rang in the New Year with puking child this year 🙂
    I equate it with the notion of rain on your wedding day. Like a lucky puke christening of an enterprise. Vomit instead of champagne breaking over the masthead on the maiden voyage of your blog. Just think of it as a good omen 😉


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