How to efficiently clean up your kids room,  or any room!

Until I started doing this, it seriously took me forever to clean up any room. Whenever I would start cleaning and I would find something that doesn’t belong in the space that I’m cleaning, I would set it to the side. Then I would go to the next area and repeat that process. I would end up with piles and piles everywhere. Then I would have to take the piles one at a time and carry them, usually to other places before they would actually end up in the place where they need to go. Or they would just end up and junk piles and never get put away. 

What I do now is so much more efficient! After speaking with my friends, I found that a lot of them did not do this trick because they didn’t know about it. I thought that I would share it with you all in hopes that it might make your days a little bit easier!

I present, the before photo.

I know, this doesn’t look so bad but the room goes to the left and it had blocks and clothes every where from the kids pulling them out of the drawers. Here is what you do!

  1. Pour yourself some coffee.
  2. Start in one side of the room. Literally pick a spot to startand don’t waiver from it. Seriously. Don’t. 
  3. Put stuff away that belongs in that spot.
  4. Drink your coffee.
  5. Things that belong in other areas of the room need to be quickly tossed to the area they belong.
  6. Clean up the coffee you spilled while seperating your fighting children.
  7. Pour yourself some more coffee to replace the  coffee you spilled.
  8. Things that belong in a different room need to either be thrown just outside the door or if you have a large box or laundry basket, throw the stuff in there. I don’t worry about sorting by room.
  9. Drink.
  10. As you clear away the stuff on the floor, start making your way around the room.
  11. Do this until you’ve made it all the way around the room and the room is clean.
  12. Drink.
  13. Grab all of the stuff at the door or the basket that needs to go to a different room. I then clear out the basket by putting that stuff away room by room.
  14. Stand at the doorway and finish your cup of coffee while you try to burn the image of this clean bedroom in to your brain.
  15. Close the door. Do it. Don’t let them mess it up again yet. 
  16. I also clean out the hallway in between cleaning rooms because my kids usually carry crap out in the hallway while I’m cleaning.
  17. Keep going if your kids will let you! Pick another room and have at it. Or take a nap. Naps are good. Otherwise, have more coffee. Or wine if it’s time. 🍷

Here are some after photos.

Get out there, gorgeous & enjoy the day.


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  1. Laundry basket technique + coffee sipping is how we roll, too! 🙂


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