The quiet moments.

I had surgery about a week ago.

The hardest part by far has been how the recovery period has effected the kids. I was lucky to have my husband home through out the duration of my recovery and he did really great with the kids. My kids are very used to me being their main care giver and for me to not be able to pick them up and what not,  caused a lot of tension for them.  

By yesterday the reaction to me recovering had reached a peek I never could have imagined. The talking back, the tantrums, the whining,  the flats ups,  all of it had just become too much. For all of us!

Last night I went to bed knowing today would be my first day to take care of the kids alone since my surgery and I was so anxious. I decided though that regardless of how I felt,  they needed to know they are loved and that mama was back in full force and that things would return to normalcy again.  

If you read my post from this morning,  then you know this morning was crazy. 

What you don’t know, is that everything has been beautiful since. We’ve had a peaceful beautiful day, no screaming by any one, I’ve been able to comfort G while he doesn’t feel well and hold him to sleep. 

I’ve been able to do crafts with A. Crafts! You guys, I haven’t been able to do crafts with her in over a week because it was just too hard to sit up in chairs longer than a few minutes. We created some puppets, we laughed, we snuggled and life was good again. 

This picture shows A listening to music while I relaxed G after he got sick again. There was something so beautiful about it. Her long beautiful hair. The snow white dress. The trains G had been playing with. The sunlight. 

Time goes by so fast when we go through hard times. I know it doesn’t feel like it in the moment but when you  step back after the storm passes, it feels like you’ve lost a month of them being little. So, embrace the good times. Slow down time but disconnecting yourself from the electronics and really looking at your kids and truly hearing their tiny voices. Tell them you’re proud of them for making it through  that period of time and you lool forward to seeing what life hands you all next because darling,  you can brave anything. 


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  1. Love reading your blog and so happy things are going better today, love you tons!


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