How we Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day! Please know that you’re completely effing amazing regardless of if you have a Valentine today or not. Do not let a day determine your self worth and do not invest much stock in it. I pretty much consider all holidays to be about  makinh people other than myself happy any way so that takes any disappoint out of it. 🙂

One thing I hate is how much mark up there is on holiday items. Because of that, I like to keep my eyes open for great deals. I found myself a Goodwill a few weeks ago when yellow tags were 50% off and there were tons of retail store items that had been given to the Goodwill that were yellow tags. I was able to get all of this for the kids for just a few dollars.

$4.50 for A’s gifts and $5.00 for G’s. They loved everything so it worked out really great. The only thing I would do differently is if I give them gifts again that are primarily for use in the bath or shower, I’ll probably give them to them in the bathroom. After they received these, I had a trail of soap all through out the house and one of the kids tried to put the chapstick on the cat. Why I didn’t predict all of that happening,  I’m not sure.

We drove around to some of our neighborhood friend’s homes this morning and passed out Valentine’s to their mail boxes. We then went and got coffee and treats for ourselves,  then took A. to preschool.  She had a Valentine’s Day party at school and I just love collections of little Valentines. You can see them up in the photo at the top. She also insisted on dressing herself for her party. Excuse the photo, I’m trying to avoid putting too many photos of their faces out there. 

I bought a special lady some beautiful flowers & delivered them. On my way, there was a fluffy squirl playing in the middle of the back road I took. A man in a truck and myself both stopped and watched it and made sure it safely left the road before we smiled and waived to eachother.

It’s strange. You never know what might set the tone for another person’s day, but that did. When i had gone to buy the flowers earlier, I witnessed a man steal an arm load of floral arrangements from the store. But, this peaceful quiet interaction with this squirrel and the gentleman who stopped to watch with me so that the squirl could safely go about its day, gave me such a sense of love. I can’t explain it and I know it sounds so nuts, but it did. I HAD to stop and take a photo of the beautiful day. Here is a photo of the flowers too.

We then came home and played outside and had lunch.  

 Now it is time for bath and nap time. I hope you all have a beautiful day today!

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