When Life Happens…and won’t stop.

Y’all.  My little family of 4 plus two pets have been experiencing health problems one after another for MONTHS. Back and neck issues,  gal bladder, cold and flu, tumors, surgeries and now yesterday a cat scratch to my sweet girls eye ball. It landed us in the ER yesterday for a couple of hours but she was really lucky and just escaped with just an antibiotic prescription. 

You can’t do much about it but put on your big girl panties and deal with it. So, that is what we do! In honor of all of the crap we have to deal with, I’ve decided making ironic graphics about them and humoring myself is the best way to go.

Because when life hits, it seems like every article of clothing is dirty at the same time. I’m patting myself on the back for washing, drying and putting away this enormous pile of shi-..I mean, laundry. 

Ok honestly,  I don’t mind my kids constant need to follow me to the bathroom.  I do wish that when I have to go number 2 that the kids would always magically have something to capture their attention. This dinosaur book totally did the trick yesterday, but I dont dare try that same boom again. It’s just nice to not have others trying to scale you like a mountain when you’re trying to make poopies. Stop judging me. You know I’m right.


Don’t attack me for referring to my cat as an asshole.  She really can be one. This little asshole was pretending to be a turtle when she shoved her little turtle-cat paw out and scratched A’s eyeball. Whenever she plays in this toy (its the kids) she gets really feisty. It’s like, an asshole machine. Also, for any judgy mommies reading this, yes – we had a long conversation with the kids about appropriate play with our pets and to never get their face too close to the pets paws and/or mouth. 

Ok. Enough curse words for one post. 😁

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