Will you let me help you?

Are you a hot mess mom (don’t take offense to this, we are all a hot mess😂) who can’t remember the last time she got to pee or shower without a kid sticking their hand under the bathroom door? The kind of mom wearing yoga pants and a T-shirt to the drop off line in the mornings but not really going to yoga after? 

The kind of mom who literally needs this make up because she only has 5 minutes to put herself together in the mornings before going through the McDonalds drive thru for breakfast for all the kids so they aren’t late for school? Because Lord knows this mom doesn’t have time for smiley face pancakes but your damn right she deserves to feel and look pretty. 

Or is this the young girl getting ready to go to college and who will be up late studying every night (partying) and will definitely sleep past her “get ready” alarm the morning before a big test, so this is the only make up she could possibly own to get ready in the mornings… because she can’t go to class with the guy she has a crush on seeing her in a complete “I slept through my alarm” look. 

Maybe I’m talking to the working woman. Trying to keep it together while working as many hours as possible, to pay those mounting bills, to make a better life for herself. The woman who works hard at her paying job, only to go home and put in a double shift taking care of her home. The woman who has almost given up on finding something that makes her feel beautiful because she just doesn’t. Have. Time. She doesn’thave time for anything,  certainly not herself.

What if I told you that you just need 5 minutes? 5 minutes to a beautifully contoured face. 5 minutes to invest in yourself. 5 minutes to show yourself YOU are worth it.

I understand you girlfriend. I know what it feels like to be these women. I’ve been these women in different points in my life. I know the struggle you go through to debate if YOU are worth it. You are so much more beautiful inside and out than you can see. Love yourself enough to let me try to help you.  If for some reason you aren’t happy, we have a 30 day money back guarantee. Either email me at contactlifewithbrandy@gmail.com or contact me on my facebook,  at Life With Brandy. Or, visit my website;


I look forward to helping you.  Also, let me know if you’d like to help others too. ♡

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