My favorite night cream

A while back I had tried some new skin products bad completely changed my skin. My face became incredibly dry to the point where even with exfoliating moisturizing day and night using oils and serums and everything else I could find, my skin just never felt moisturized. I became very self-conscious when you going out in public or when my picture was taken because I always have little flakes of skin that you could see on my face.

I had used a number of skin care lines to try and repair my dried skin and one day I was in Walgreens when I saw a sale on the Neutrogena day and night creams. They were on sale for buy one get one 50% off, which was a pretty good savings. I can’t remember the specific price on each of these but I am remember it being between 10 and $20 each. I bought them and then went home and used an activated charcoal face mask and exfoliated my skin very well and then used the night cream. 

From the first use I could tell that it was working on my skin. My skin is now to a point where as long as I use these creams daily, I have very little dry skin. The dry skin that I can see, generally shows up in the evening, right between my brows. I’m hoping since I’ve been using this regimen for just a couple of weeks, it will continue to improve my skin to a point where I no longer have dryness. 

This post is not sponsored or endorsed at all by Neutrogena or any company/brand.

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