How to clean your make up brushes when you don’t have the right stuff to clean your brushes. 

As a single income family,  it’s not always efficient to go out and purchase all of the things that make life easier. That includes the stuff I’d need to clean my make up brushes, if I can avoid it. 🙂 So, rather than buying brush cleaner and one of those little bads to scrub the brushes on to get the makeup out, I came up with a new idea.

I took a metal colander, baby soap, and hot water and went to work on my brushes. I made sure that I was very gentle around the colander with my brushes. I understand that scrubbing the brushes against the metal holes could possibly cause pulling on the brush hair, so I was careful to avoid that. I put a little bit of baby shampoo in the bottom of the colander and dampened  the brush with hot water. I’ve been around the brush and a circular motion around the bottom of the colander and I could quickly see all of the makeup being removed from within the brush. I did that until I could see that there was no more makeup coming out from the brush.

I then used a clean towel and rubbed the brush in a circular motion around the towel to dry the brush and ensured that I got all of the makeup out that I could. I then laid all of the brushes out so that they can dry overnight. This was a very quick easy and free way for me to ensure that my brushes are clean. 

What do you use to clean your brushes?

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