True love.

My kids love for eachother is just the sweetest thing in my life. They defend eachother fiercely to any little friends who aren’t playing nicely with them,  they hold hands, they love cuddling up to eachother to fall asleep and they look for eachother first thing when they wake up in the morning. I’ve never had a sibling but at this stage in their lives,  I admire what they have in eachother.  

Yesterday they went to the dentist and when A. had to go in to the back by herself with the hygienist, G. stood at the door and yelled,  “Sissy! Siiiiisssyyyyyyyyy” repeatedly.  He would go about exploring the dental office and then return to the door every few minutes to call out to his sister. When she came out,  he yelled, “hugs!” And opened his arms wide while running to her. Another day this week he ran to me to tell me “sissy,  help! Sissy!” Because he was so worried about her and her friend fighting over a toy and he wanted me to help her. He loves her.

She protects him whenever he makes choices that aren’t safe. She reaches for his hand in the car. She says she wants to cuddle him to sleep because hes “just so cute”. She calls him a “handsome little mansey”. She loves to teach him.  She tells him when he does a good job. She loves him. 

I can’t help but stare at them right now in this moment and hear, “THIS IS LOVE”. This is what love looks and feels like. This is true, from birth, sibling love. These two are so lucky to have eachother.  A part of me feels like it’s because their souls fought so hard to be a part of eachother, and our lives. I have two angel babies between these two. I feel like it was Grayson all along, trying his damndest to make it earth side. To be here in this family. That’s a whole nother post for another day, but it’s what I feel in my heart to be true. 

Tonight I’ll lay with my sweet little ones and welcome the sweetest of  dreams. I wish the same to you.  ♡

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