Hello Sunday…

I heart Sunday mornings.  As a stay at home mom I’m not totally certain that there is any tangible ifference between a Sunday morning and a Monday morning, other than Sunday mornings just feel very peaceful. I love waking up and not having a lot to do. Most places are closed on Sunday so I can generally assume that none of us will have any appointments, no preschool and generally no obligations what so ever.

My son generally wakes up between 6 and 7, which is before my daughter and husband most days. So we get to go out in the living room, just the two of us. We usually end up snuggled up on the couch with the fire place on. Maybe sharing a snack before breakfast, which we eat when everyone is awake.  Its generally peaceful,  minus my son trying to scale the counter tops or slamming his Batman doll against the window like a hammer. 

This morning he couldn’t resist going to the bedroom door and yelling, “Siiiiiissyyyyyy” shortly after we got out of bed. So A woke up and joined us. The morning was off to a rocky start when I took 57 seconds to go pee, only to hear my son open the locked slider and throw the cat on the porch (shes never been outside). I ran out on the living room still pulling up my mom pants -leggings – & ran over to grab the cat outside and shut the door. 

Both of my kids love playing doctor, vet, dentist, anything that has to do with pretending to work in the medical field. So to get their brains focused on learning, we pretended we were dentists and patients. We did that dor about 20 minutes and then had some French toast.  My family lived my breakfasts and I love making it for them!

We played some more and the kids argued a bit about who got to be on which side of the toy. We did our best to referee those arguments, and ultimately they work themselves out. 

G took a nap and during nap time A and I love to do crafts. This is a type of sand that repells water! You poor it in water and when you take it out,  it’s still dry. We had fun playing with it,  but this has the potential to be an awful mess. However,  if you’ve ever thought having a bucket of sand in your house with little ones playing with it sounds like a great idea, this is the stuff for you! 😉

We’re now about half way through the day and I’m finally able to publish this post. Whew! 🙂

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