Host a free make up class with me

​Thank you all for your support and for making February so successful! In less than a month I was able to grow my business more than I thought I could,  so this month,  I have some huge goals I intend to crush!

I’m making it super easy for you to earn even more free stuff than usual too. 😉 If you host a facebook Maskcara class with at least 3 orders, I’ll send you one of my favorite products! 3 orders is so easy to get,  especially when your friends see how easy and inexpensive it is to achieve a beautifully contoured face in about 5 minutes.  
My goal is to give women more time each day to do what they want to make them feel good on the inside, while highlighting (literally…hehe) their beauty on the outside. If I can do my make up in 5 minutes with two little ones crawling on me and trying to take my make up and use it, I bet you can too.
So, if you want to have a class online, let me know and we will set it up! It’s easy and free for you.  What have you got to lose? 🙂


Want to know more about Maskcara or browse my little shop?

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