Sleepless nights

Almost every 15 minutes tonight,  one or both of my babies are up and coughing.  They sound miserable.  I’m hoping all of the treatments we are using will help but if not I see a dr visit or call in the morning.  Their cough is so full of phlegm, poor little loves. Tonight we will all sleep together in hopes they can heal with a little bit of love surrounding them.  

I spent the last few hours working my Maskcara business and bouncing between taking care of each child,  cleaning up the house a bit,  personal development,  following up on orders and what not.  I do love feeling like a mom boss. I’m feeling driven to make this business successful. I’m feeling motivated to help my families lives with the success it will bring.  That keeps me up at night. I have so many plans. I think next I need to start writing them down and acting on them. 

I have such a unique opportunity to really make this business into something incredible,  since I’m in at the launch of it.  I dream of building my team of like minded women who want to be successful and who support eachothers dreams.  We could all be at the top a year from now. How crazy is that? 

Until then,  good night sweethearts.  😘

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