Urgent care and Panda Bears

G has been sick for about a week now. Yesterday his cough started to sound really bad and I contemplated taking him to urgent care but then it started to not sound as bad.  This morning it sounded like it was really in his lungs, so I decided it was time to go. 

He did really great at first,  but once we had to put on a gown to do chest x-rays, he started to get pretty upset. When it was time to get the x-rays, he wasnt so sure about it at first bit then quickly loved it.  He really loved going back to the computer and watching the images show up on the screen and seeing his lungs and bones. 

We went back to our waiting room and he started to feel pretty crummy.  

I couldn’t keep him off the ground and luckily the nurse confirmed they had just mopped that morning so I didn’t feel so gross about it.  Finally the Dr. Came back and confirmed we does have a pretty yucky case is bronchitis.  We had a nebulizer treatment and then were prescribed an at home nebulizer that looks like a padma bear. 

He was happy as can be when it was time to go home.  

I hope he feels better soon!




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  1. Aww, ((hugs)) to you both! 🙂


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