Let’s all give ourselves a little grace. 

“Don’t rub yogurt all over the cat!”

“Just eat 5 bites of SOME THING!”

“Do NOT hit your brother/sister!”

“We do not yell at mommy!”

Those are just a few of the things I yelled at my kids today. I have really good days where my patience could be compared to that of a saint and then I have other days where it feels like I’m constantly critical of myself and how I just responded to the last situation, only to stress myself out and over react to the next. 

I believe 100% that our children feel our stress and react to it. I mean,  we do that too, right? Think about it.  Your spouse comes home and they are in a bad mood. You feel it. You sense their tension.  And the more irritable they get, the more anxious you tend to get. It’s the same with our little ones.  They are little sponges, absorbing everything around them – good & bad.

I hate the days when I feel over whelmed. I wish I had 20 minutes to think alone and better organize the rest of our day to make it run smother for us,  but there’s no way to get 20 minutes alone.  So tonight,  after I post this blog post, I will be taking time to plan out our days. I do good about getting the kids on schedule, but I have never taken the time to get myself on schedule. 

Remembering to do little things will help;

  • Vitamins
  • Go for a walk
  • Put your phone down 
  • Take 10 minutes to declutter
  • Pay bills
  • Send a thank you card
  • Schedule a blog post

I forget how I’m the engine that drives this train. If I’m not in good working order and functioning as intended, our day is derailed. I don’t want my kids to look back and think, our mom over reacted a lot when she was stressed. I want them to look back and think,  no matter how hard things got, our mom was strong and she always got it done. 

Momming is hard and there are so many lessons to learn. They are all worth it. ❤ My kids literally are worth everything. 



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