Diners are my favorite places

I sercretly (not so secretly) love diners. I love that they are almost never updated. I love the old women that work there. I love the constant smell of coffee and pancakes.  I love the type of people who frequent them. There is something so comfortable about them. They feel like home to me. Maybe it’s because I have fond memories of them from when I was little. 

My Grandma & Aunt both worked in one, we had (and still have) a yummy one in my home town and I can remember stopping at one every time we traveled to the coast to vacation when I was little. My grandma always made the best griddle pancakes and she ans my family wouls drink coffee all day and when I would stay the night and wake up in the morning,  her home always smelled like a diner. I miss that.

After I took A to school yesterday, I went and bought G his birthday presents. He will be 2 tomorrow! I can’t believe it. As I was shopping,  I was thinking about the kids and how quickly they are growing.  Since hubby was watching G,  I wanted to pick up A early and have a date with her. I brought her to the diner down the road from our house. She was SO excited! We love our one on one dates.

We started with drinks – apple juice for her and coffee for me.  She then sorted, stacked and arranged the sugars.  We colored and talked and giggled.  

We observed this sweet man & his wife out the window.  He had on a veteran hat and he guided his wife to the car. He opened the door for her, helped her in and fastened her seat belt for her. It was just a sweet thing to observe.  I told A just to watch.  She commented on how nice the man is to “that lady”. I thought that was a good observation. 

She had pancakes & I had french toast. It was a very yummy morning! 

After we went home,  she decided to color her face. Ahahaha she even drew eye lashes!

One thought on “Diners are my favorite places

  1. Beautiful!! What she doesn’t come up with, painting her face, washing the cat, wants to be as tall as everyone else. She’s just the cutest


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