​Cara (our founder) & her amazing team have put together a journey for all of us artists. For 100 days, we have a challenge each day to complete. Now, you would think a direct sales company would do this and say, okay for the next 100 days you have to post a Maskcara product,  sell this much,  blah blah. NOPE! Not Maskcara. 

The next 100 days of challenges are all about loving yourself and the people around you.  Getting to know yourself.  Follow my journey for the next 100 days and maybe even join me and complete some of these challenges with me. I’ll be posting every day using the hashtag #100maskcaradays and see what good we can do, what change can occur and what smiles we can bring to other’s faces.

If you’re curious about our products, visit my website HERE & use party 328 at check out yo be qualified for this month’s giveaways.

I’ll be back in a bit to share Day 1!

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