Mom boss after hours. 

First of all, let me just say that I feel like my inner Carrie Bradshaw is coming out as I type up this blog post from my bed on my lap top.  I almost never type from my laptop because it is never charged.  When you live in a home with a 2 year old who climbs on everything, it’s hard to leave a laptop out to charge because sooner or later,  he will climb on it and I’ve been there and done that with cracked lap top screens. 😉

Tonight after the kids were both finally asleep around 8pm, it was time to become mom boss. The mom who has goals to meet and things to do that are a billion times easier when there aren’t 2 little ones helping. Here’s a bit of what my night looked like. 

  • I took 1 hour to make some graphics for a friends business.
  • Let the dog out. 
  • I then took another hour to submit some customer orders and color match some beauties for my Maskcara business. 
  • Trip over the cat. 
  • Scheduled a Lularoe party with a girlfriend. 
  • Walk in to find the cat bugging sleeping soon. 
  • Found out my son wet the bed.  I then proceeded to lift and change him like a ninja into clean clothes and diaper.
  • Son then woke up and wanted me.  
  • All while I’m coughing so hard I’m throwing up. In my bed.  That I just cleaned up after my son just peed.  
  • Cuddled him back to sleep. Woke up.
  • Nursed him back to sleep because apparently I’ll probably be nursing forever
  • Planned out business posts
  • Blogging now that it’s almost 11pm.
  • Then getting out of bed to go lee, take tums and hopefully watch netflix.

This my friends,  is why I never feel productive. 😁

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