I’ve always loved make up.  Even from a very young age I can remember doing my make up as well as my poor dolls. I can remember being really young when i browsed through my first Vogue. Vogue is really a giant catalog of beautiful advertisements more than it is a magazine to read. I would flip through the pages and admire the gorgeous products; bags, designer clothing and the cosmetics.  I was obsessed with the cosmetics because when you compare the price of them vs the clothing and hand bags, they seemed like the most attainable. I would cut out the ads and tape them to my wall, put them in folders, dog ear the pages and make make collages with them. 
Fast forward to adulthood,  my love for these things never dissipated. With all of my struggles from gaining weight,  losing two angel babies, losing my dad and all of the other hardships I’ve experienced,  I’ve always known that when I’m ready to feel better, make up was always my go to. Make up makes me feel pretty and feeling pretty makes me feel good. Feeling good leads to a drive to improve your life and the way you feel. 
I love being a full time mom and I would never trade that.  However, as a mom it’s easy to lose a bit of your identity.  I reached a point where I felt like I couldn’t think of what exactly made me, me outside of being a mother and a wife. For my birthday and Christmas,  I couldn’t think of one thing that I would like.  I no longer knew myself.
When I was told that Cara had released Maskcara to be sold by Independent Artists,  I had to be a part part of it. I had read her blog and watched her on YouTube for years. I loved her energy and I’ve always trusted her. That night  had to join Maskcara. A fire was lit within me. I saw her beautiful packaging and I felt like that young girl again, marveling at the beautiful packaging as my finger tips couldn’t scroll through them fast enough. I hadn’t even tried Maskcara before but as I said, I trusted Caralyn Brook Killpack and I knew she wouldn’t release something that wasn’t amazing. I trusted Kristyn Cole who shared this with me. I knew this would be amazing. 
And, you know what? It is. I feel beautiful. My confidence is rising. I’ve also found a whole tribe of women who I’ve become wonderful friends with. We stay up late talking on the phone,  we help each other with out an ounce of hesitancy, we build eachother up and help each other with our business goals. There is no competition.  There is no jealousy. Just women being sisters to each other. 
I woke up this morning to over 20 new friend requests from these women and comments and messages from them that made my heart swell.  THIS IS MY WHY.  Empowering women empower women. 
I ❤ my tribe.

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