Product Review: Feet Peel Mask

■Product Review■

▪Product: Feet mask

• Purchased from: Wish App

• Price: $1.00

• Scent: Not bad, it definitely has milky undertones

• Texture: Incredibly slimy, like raw eggs or aloe

• Packaging & Instructions: none of it is in English and I couldn’t find any clear details and instructions online. 

So it’s been 2 days since I used the exfoliating peel foot mask that I bought from the Wish app for $1.00. Nothing was in English on the package, but from what I was able to gather from the comments, is that you put it on your feet and leave it on for some period of time…Who knows how long,  I don’t know. 😁 I kept mine on for a few hours, covered in a sock. 

My feet feel irritated now, because the idea of the mask is that it dries them out in order for them to peal. Where my cracks are, definitely feel a little painful when I walk. Reviews also said not to put on any lotion for 21 days to give the product a chance to work.  That sounds miserable at this point. I plan on giving this a week to work and see how I feel then.

Right now, I would not recommend this product.  Especially not to anyone who has severely cracked feet like I do. I’ll update more in a few days. 🙂

You can view the product on Wish, HERE.

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