I had my eyebrows microbladed!

Here I am before the procedure began. I was pretty nervous because I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. I haven’t ever had a tattoo or anything remotely close to this, so I was pretty clueless about pain & discomfort. 

These were some of the tools she used besides the tattoo gun type thing that she uses to microblade. First, she put a sticker across my head that has measurments on it. She used that in connection to a ruler to add dots on my face to mark the appropriate places for where my brows should start and stop, where the arch sbould be, etc… Then, she took a brush and drew with the ink on my brows where she thought they should be.  I was able to confirm that I liked how everything looked and then laid down & she went to work. 
I had both the owner & an apprentice doing my brows and it was interesting to feel the difference in how they applied the brow strokes. When the woman with more experience did it, I mostly jusy felt pressure. When the apprentice did it, I could feel her gauging my skin and it was pretty painful. Once she let the vibration of the tool guide her vs. her dragging it along,  it felt so much better and she did a great job. 

They shaved the unwanted hair away from my brows to fine tune & shape them. I had been growing my brows out forever to have them reshaped and it was such a relief to have them done. 

The whole process took about 2.5 hours.  

When it was done,  it was hard to tell initially what I thought.  I still had numb brows and I couldn’t tell if I liked the arch or if they were even because I couldn’t tell if I was arching my brows involuntarily. There was a LOT of redness, a little bleeding and it hurt badly if I absent mindedly touched my brows.

Here is an after photo from yesterday. 

Here is an after photo from today. 

Today there is no pain,  just a little itchy. I’ll have to continue to apply ointment for a while, a few times a day to prevent it from drying out, scabbing or becoming too itchy. I do like them better today now that I can tell they are pretty even. I’m really curious to see how the color will settle.

Keep following along, I’ll be updating over the next 8 weeks. 🙂


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