Today, I choose JOY.

​Good morning & happy Sunday. 🏞

It’s beautiful & sunny here today & at this very moment, I just decided I will MAKE today a great day. I will focus on my home, my children,  my relationships,  my pets, all of the things that bring joy to my soul. I had horrendous,  painful nightmares last night and they terrified me to the point I refused to go back to sleep. I’m tired of course, but they were such a reminder  to me that all of the other things in life are just filler. The real substance, the real important things are the people under your roof. The people you call your friends. The people you call your family – blood or otherwise. 

I am striving to improve my life in many ways. Today, I will continue to try and live a healthier lifestyle. Today  I also choose to let go of things that weigh heavily on my heart & mind.  I can not be a present wife,  mother,  friend or business owner with an unfocused mind. Today, I set that emotional weight free. I choose to walk today with a lighter soul. I choose to walk with purpose. Joy.



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