My favorite beauty buys this week

This post contains affiliate links but I am sharing these items because I love them. ❤

I found some products this week that I honestly didn’t even plan on sharing with you all, BUT, they work so well that I changed my mind. 🙂 When you’re in busy mom mode and trying to get ready in thr morning, anything you can use to get ready quicker AND works and looks better than your previous products is worth a share. 

        For me, a good gel is something I can apply to my dry hair. Most gels I’ve used look good on damp hair once it dries,  but only certain gels can be put in dry hair that hasn’t been styled at all and still look good. I topically shower at night and then brush my hair and sleep on it until morning. This leaves it all kinds of messy, frizzy and even though it’s short, typically takes at least 10 to 15 minutes to curl. 

        I generally don’t have the time to try and curl my hair and pretty much despise having to because it means me having to try and keep my two littles from scaling the counter tops like King Kong and keeping them away from my 450 degree flat iron. A good hair gel can make my morning much easier. I used about 4 squirts of gel to achieve the look I was desiring. 

        I found you an amazing deal too! You can get 3 of these on Amazon today, for only $9.47 after applying a $5.00 coupon. That makes these just $3.16 each! Click HERE to snag this deal before it is gone.

        Next, I wanted to share the hair spray that rocked my world. 

        This stuff worked SO well to give my hair the volume I was looking for. I am one of those girls who loves some Big, Sexy hair, so this container was obviously calling my name. If you absolutely hate the feel of hair spray in your hair, this isn’t for you.  However if you want your hair to stay put you need this. This is now my number 1 hair spray pick. You can get yours HERE.

        I already told you all how much I loved this mascara HERE, but I just had to include it in my top buys this week because it is that good.

        You can get yours HERE.

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