New Maskcara Clutch – Coming Soon

•the clutch•

Italian leather👛, a place to put your cards💳, money💵, makeup 💄, makeup brushes 👩🏽‍🎨, and all of your MASKCARA makeup! Trust me you’re going to want this, “because life doesn’t happen in front of your bathroom mirror!” 🙌🏼
More details below!

This gorgeous clutch will launch sometime in the next one to two weeks.

It will hold 9 full size singles or 18 eyeshadow singles, has a large pocket to hold your brushes, and a wallet section for cards and cash!! It also comes with a long crossbody strap so that you can easily take it hands-free on the go.

The price point is right around $100-$120 (we don’t have an exact price yet!)

I can’t wait to officially announce its release! I know I’ll be getting one! How about you?

If you would like me to place you on my VIP waiting list , just post your email address in the comments and I’ll reach out to you so that you don’t miss out on this beauty.

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