Life has a way…

Life has a way of stopping you in your tracks.  Just when you feel like your at your breaking point,  something brilliant happens. It snaps you out of that moment. You come to the surface.  You breathe and for the first time in days it doesn’t feel like you’re inhaling water, sinking.  Tonight I had one of those moments.

My kids are the best of friends.  Having said that,  they want to punch each other in the throat pretty much 88% of the time recently.  Of course not really, but they are literally at each others throats all day long.  Crying because they want the toy the other one has.  The other one has more of a certain food or drink (even though I literally analyze their plates and cups before handing them to them,  to ensure it’s fair to avoid these flare ups). That one got to go to the store with this parent.  Whatever it is,  they’ve fought about it this week.  Totally normal stuff,  just a hard week.

I’ve been sick and just exhausted.  I felt like if I had to yell to be heard one more time, I might seriously be in the wrong profession (stay at home mom, at your service!). Then,  this happened.

This girl.  She’s rescued me so many times from feeling frustrated,  just with her presence.  She said,  “Hey mom,  let’s just lay like this and close our eyes & enjoy each other’s company.  OK?” With the cutest little grin.  Then she closed her eyes and as they were shut,  she had this blissful smile.

Nothing mattered.  At that moment,  just being there with my beautiful babies mattered.  Knowing that regardless of how hard I am on myself sometimes for the stressful days,  they are still so loved,  so cared for and just enjoy being with me. I mean,  how amazing are children? Imagine an adult who could act like a crazy person most of the day,  then no matter what,  you still have to put up with them day in and day out. You would go crazy yourself! But kids are like these magical little beings. They can bring you back to sanity sprinkled with pure love in the blink of an eye.

Parents,  we’re so lucky.  Even when you’re pretty sure you’ll only find your sanity at the bottom of a coffee cup (or wine glass), they’ll surprise you.  😘

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