Half Moon Blooms home delivery

Hello friends.

It’s a gorgeous day here and we are outside enjoying our backyard. Wii moved into a newly built home just under 2 years ago and that meant that we had to lay all of the grass and plant trees and flowers and whatnot as we can budget for it. We got the grass done right away and we finally have a few trees planted. But I cannot wait until I can have many many flowers growing around my yard. I love fresh cut flowers so much. They’re so meaningful, they are so beautiful, they smell fantastic and there is something very satisfying about looking at them knowing that they are a product of your labor.

We are probably at least one more summer out from being able to plan and plant flowers.

That is okay though because we have a local flower delivery service where we are able to get flowers delivered directly to our home from a local Farm just a couple of miles up the road. Their Farm is beautiful and they offer a you pick option where you pay a flat fee for a milk jug FULL of flowers. Baby very thoughtfully planted flowers of all different varieties that bloom throughout the season. It’s always exciting to go there and see what may be in bloom on that day.

Anyways back to the reason for my post. 🙂 I have a bouquet of fresh farm picked flowers delivered every week to my door. Every bouquets different and it’s neat to know that the same person who grew them also picked them as well as put the bouquets together and delivered them to my home. That’s a pretty neat thing. I always look forward to seeing what will be in each of the bouquets. Here’s some photos from this week’s delivery.

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