Why the Clutch is a must have.

I received my Maskcara Beauty clutch today & I’ve got to say – WOW! It feels so amazing.

It’s incredibly soft genuine Italian leather. The removable chain shoulder strap is a beautiful antique metal finish.

One side features a zipper & holds 9 full size Maskcara singles or up to 18 eyeshadow singles.

The other side features 2 magnetic snaps, and inside there are two compartments. One can hold your phone, as well as your cash & cards. The other can hold brushes (mine fit all 6 Maskcara brushes!) and/or other cosmetics like your favorite mascara, lip gloss, etc…

For $115.00, I honestly wasn’t expecting this bag to be as incredible as it is. The leather alone feels so luxurious. I also didn’t expect it to fit all of my brushes.

Feel like you might need this gorgeous little thing in your life? I can help you with that. Just click HERE to be directed to my shop.

The Clutch is under Shop / Brushes & Tools, on the second page.

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