Dark skin highlight & contour shades coming soon!

Beautiful dark skin women around the world have been lacking quality options for highlight and contour shades since highlighting and contouring became a thing. Even the darkest shades in almost every highlight and contour set are still far too light for millions of women around the world. Many have made due with out attempting this trend because of lack of appropriate shades, while many have resorted to creating their own shades by combining different makeup products together.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were shades available for women of all colors on all ends of the spectrum?

I’m so proud to work for a company that is trying to do just that. Maskcara’s founder Cara has met with women who couldn’t find shades to meet the needs of their beautiful dark skin. She flew to them & matched new shades for them. From what I hear, we will now have highlight and contour shades for everyone!

I would LOVE to help color match you! If you would like, please email me a photo HERE. Here are some selfie tips so I can color match you best!

  • Take it in natural day light
  • No shade on your face
  • Face the window OR be outside
  • No filter
  • No makeup
  • No inside lighting illuminating your face

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