I just published a book!

I have been such a disorganized mess the last few days. I published a short story I wrote about my experience with my father. It’s available for download on the kindle app here. I tell the story of my absentee father & how I found him a week after he died. It was only after he died that I was able to learn about who he was & find peace with our situation.

I’m so proud to say it’s the #1 new release in two categories:

    • 30-Minute Parenting & Relationship Short Reads
    • 30-Minute Biography & Short reads
  • It has been extremely liberating to share my story with the world. To have kept feelings bottled up for so many years and finally have a source to release them – it feels incredible. My story is not for everyone, but there are handfuls of people who will get it and truly hope it helps them. I’ve already heard from some readers who have told me that my story has helped them a lot.

    Knowing that sharing my truth is helping someone feels better than I can put into words.

    I also wanted to share my first official book review! I don’t want to spoil the review, but you can view it here!

    Here are some other reviews from Amazon.com

    Such a tragic, captivating, and inspiring turn of events, Brandy. The ability to include the reader as if they were there, seeing, hearing, and feeling what you did, takes strength, courage and passion. I am so sorry he was not there for you, and for your family. He truly missed out on an incredible woman. But you missed out too. I am relieved to know you have found a way to grieve, and feel closer to a man who was a stranger for most of your life. It’s painfully clear the love you hold for him, and for those who touch your life. Thank you for sharing such personal and raw emotions. Those of us who have toxic relationships, especially with parents, feel comfort that we are not alone in the world. I’m so happy to call you a friend. I love you dearly. And I am so incredibly proud of you.


    Brandy makes you feel her pain, hurt, and all of the emotions she went through. I give this 5 stars because you can feel what she is going through in her writing, my eyes filled with tears and I shared her experience with her dad. Love e the raw emotions! Well done!

    And my book is popping up on pinterest!

    So if you’d like to support my book, I would appreciate it so much! Every share helps! 🙂

    Also, follow the Finding Calvin facebook page here! Every day I’m sharing stories, photos and bits from his journal. I’ve already shared some interesting things there.

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