Thrift Shop Finds

I went thrift store shopping two days in a row this week. How lucky am I? I went the first day with my daughter and the second day with one of my closest friends.

I found lots of goodies between the two days but here are a few of my favorite things!

  • Like new Saltwater Sandals for the kids
  • Like new Minnetonka Sandals
  • Willie Nelson record album
  • Roll on oil perfume (new)
  • 3 post cards to decorate G’s bedroom wall. I’ll frame them or tape them with washi tape.
  • Vintage camo shirt
  • Vintage Budweiser hat

Not shown, I also got 3 lamps, tons of clothes for the kids and lots of toys.

Have you been junkin’ lately? I’d love to hear what you’ve found!


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  1. Thrift shops are the best!! About two years ago I found a brand new Talbots cardigan with the $70 tag still on it for $8.


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