I am getting a CT scan today

Here I sit. In my car. Waiting until 12:45 for my appointment. Well, let me back up a little bit.

I have been having stomach and back pain, nausea, I’ve been light headed and just generally not feeling well.

Yesterday I received a letter that informed me that a urine test that I had taken a few weeks back came back as normal. I had also taken a blood test and I realized at that time that I had not received any results back on my blood test. I called my doctor’s office to see if I could get some answers and I left a message and waited for a call back. When they called me back they let me know that they hadn’t received any blood test results and I told them that that was really odd because it’s been quite some time since I had given my blood for the test. She looked in another system and found the results. Instead of them being given to the doctor they had been filed away. She looked at the blood results and found that there was one abnormality.

My enzymes were extremely elevated. I didn’t know what the time what this meant but a quick Google search revealed to me that this means that there could potentially be something wrong with my liver or my bones. More than likely my liver since I had my gallbladder removed. She asked if she could call me back so that she could check with the doctor and see what she would want me to do. When they called me back they told me that they needed me to take an immediate blood test first thing in the morning and get in for an emergency CT scan. And that’s where I’m at right now.

I’m already done with the blood test I did that first thing this morning when they opened at 8 a.m. After I left there I went to the grocery store and I met the sweetest woman. I was having a really awful day and when she approached me she complimented me on my style and for that moment my worries were lifted. Isn’t it amazing how a compliment can completely brighten your day? It makes me wonder sometimes why we don’t make more of a conscious effort to tell people to things that we like about them whether they’re strangers or not. Anyway I felt an immediate connection with her. I bought my mom some flowers and the kids some grapes and some potty incentives for G and headed home.

Heres me today, just documenting what I wore. ✌

I called the doctor’s office because they didn’t put on a “stat”, or urgent, request for the blood on my file like they were supposed to. Also, I hadn’t eaten or drank yet because I needed to be fasting for the CT scan.

Finally about 10:30 the doctors assistant called me back and told me that I was scheduled for a 12:45 CT scan. So, here I sit. Now in the imaging office. I’m nervous. It’s hard in times like this to not allow your mind to take you to dark places. I imagine how hard it would be for my husband and kids if I have something terminal. Stop it. Stop letting your mind go there, I tell myself. But, it’s hard. So, send a positive thought up in the air for me. ♡ Here i go.

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