Everything you want to know about cream foundation

All About Cream Foundation

It’s easy to use

If you get it in the wrong place you can wipe it right off. With powders it can be quite hard to correct your mistakes. Cream can apply in a thin layer and is very hard to mess up!

It looks like a second skin

When you put it on, it doesn’t change the texture or moisture of your skin! A lot of other products are very drying but cream gives you a natural looking finish. The dewy texture is very unique to creams and gives you a gorgeous natural glow.

Cara, our founder, challenged us to recreate the look you get with IIID foundation, in a Sephora or other large makeup store. If you try this, notice how long it takes, how much you used, and if you feel like you look like you have IIID foundation on. Chances are it will help you understand just how great the texture of creams really is!

It can be touched up easily

Because it is like a second skin, it is really easy to spot treat and update your look.

It’s gentle on your skin

This product will make your skin happy. Products that set are very irritating on your skin and can dry it out.

The makeup doesn’t set!

When you’re used to your makeup setting it seems strange at first. Creams can move and give you the natural movement of your face. Creams don’t crease as much as other setting makeups either because it won’t set into your fine lines!

It works on all types of skin

Dry, oily, combination, it doesn’t matter. Cara really believes it is perfect for each skin type. We feel like 99% of people can use and benefit from creams which is why it is all we offer at this point. We wouldn’t want to create a bunch of products that aren’t a good fit for most people and overwhelm and confuse them when creams work on almost anyone!

If you want to learn more about using Maskcara you can email me HERE. If you would like to learn more about becoming an Independent Maskcara Artist (you don’t need a licence!) You can email me HERE or read more about it HERE.

Do you or would you use cream foundation? Why or why not?

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