Challenges with cream foundation & how to resolve them!

It doesn’t set

You can use STAY setting spray (we have an SPF and non SPF version) and setting powder (we have Vanilla Dust setting powder) to set the makeup if you feel it is slipping. You also may be using too much product! Sometimes I also notice slipping when the a client is applying moisturizer or primer before putting on the makeup.

If you have to use one of these, do it at least 10 minutes before you have to apply your makeup. I’ve also found that our makeup tends to work best without a primer.

Feels greasy, sticky and oily

You are probably not used to a dewy finish. We don’t want to look dry, but it can be a hard transition. You really so look beautiful with a dewey finish! Give it a shot. Young women always has a glowy finish on their natural skin. Why shouldn’t you? A trick I use is to dab my skin with the Perfector again before I leave the house if I think my skin feels greasy but I rarely do this any more since I’m used to and love the look of it.

Texture shows through

Texture issues are almost always color problems. If you feel like one part of your skin has a texture problem, you may need a different color on those specific parts of your skin. You also need to be using a proper exfoliate and moisturize routine. If you can see flakes of dry skin, that’s a dead giveaway you nee to step up your skin game & cream will not cover up that texture! Get Cure Gel to remove dead skin and flakes. It’s a wonderful exfoliator!


If you continue to experience problems with your cream foundation, I’m happy to help! Shoot me an email HERE.



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