Is Maskcara All Natural?

The question of Maskcara being ‘All Natural’

Cara, the founder of Maskcara, supports people who focus on ingredients and certifications even though she does not specifically look at those claims. A lot of companies use these ‘certifications’ as a marketing tool! We don’t ever claim anything that isn’t regulated because Cara feels like it’s taking advantage of the consumer and that is why the products don’t say ‘oil free’ or ‘all natural’.

Cara believes in putting top quality ingredients in her products that is very gentle on skin. Feel confident that we don’t use misleading marketing techniques, but we do use ingredients that compete with those products who claim those certifications. The company that does our foundation also does skin care and is very committed to being gentle on skin with top notch ingredients!

Hopefully this little intro to creams this week can help you

better understand them and their benefits.

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Thanks for reading, gorgeous.



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