30 Second Eye – Using only your HAC pack to create a beautiful eye look.

Eyeshadow does not have to be complicated. You can actually create a whole face look with what is in a HAC pack. A HAC pack can be customized to contain any 4 singles you want and it comes with a FREE compact. However, what’s recommended for most people to begin with (and, all you really “need”!) are these:

What the heck is a HAC pack?

  • Highlight
  • Contour
  • Blush, which doubles as a lip shade. We call it a Lip & Cheek!
  • Illuminator
  • +Free Compact

The only other thing you would need to create a full face look using just creams is a good brush. I recommend the Detail HAC brush for this job because you can really get in to the nooks & crannies of your face with it and as long as you’re sticking to creams, no other brush is necessarily needed. You can get the Detail HAC & HAC pack on my website, by clicking on Shop on the Menu at the top of the blog, or click HERE.

With these four things, when color matched properly, you can use on your whole face. Today though, we’re focusing on how you can use these to create really easy, really pretty, really versatile looks on your eyes. These are looks that are super great for beginners or even seasoned eyeshadow users who are interested in trying out creams for their eyes vs. powders.

The 30 Second eye

Alright girlfriend. Get out that HAC pack & your Detail HAC. If you don’t have a Detail HAC, you can create this look with other brushes you may have or you could even use your fingers if you’re in a pinch. Also, if you need it, you can apply Stay setting spray (with or without SPF, available in my shop) before using your make up both on your face and eyelids if you really have a problem with makeup sliding. I do not, so I skip this step.

For both of these techniques I am going to recommend you dab/stipple the product on vs. applying in a sweeping motion.

First, we’re going to want to do what I’m going to refer to as the “halo”. You’re going to want to feel around for your eye socket both on top and on the bottom of your eye to locate where you’re going to be applying the product. You’re going to want to take your contour and go INSIDE of the socket with the smaller end of your Detail HAC brush. It makes your eyes look larger and more defined.


Second, you’re going to want to balance this look with a nice bright highlight underneath. To do this, use the wider end of your Detail HAC brush. It will make your eyes look more open and less tired.

Third, lets take the blush and apply it right across the lid itself. You can also apply under your eye as well for a bolder look if that is what you’re going for. You can use almost any blush shade, except it’s my personal preference not to use Desert Sunset for this step because it’s a little glossier than I would like for use on my eye lids. My absolute favorite is Nude! It’s so gorgeous. I use it on my eyelids, cheeks and lips almost every single day. Black Cherry is also a beautiful one to use. Using these blush shades really help to bring out the color in blue and green eyes but looks good on almost everyone.


If you happen to have the Multitasker (if you don’t, why not?! It’s literally my favorite most versatile brush ever!!) and you have more time to play around, you can use it and a darker contour, like Indigo, and draw a line on the inside of the eye socket bone above your eye. Follow the natural curve of it. It’s a cream, so don’t worry. It may look scary when you first apply it because it’s very pigmented. It blends so well though. Take your perfector and go in and blend well. It creates a more defined, bold look. You can also do this with your regular contour shade as well if you don’t want to purchase a second shade.

You can add a little bit of glam & pop by taking your illuminator and dabbing a bit in the corner of your eye where your tear ducts are to mid and/or just along your brow bone above and below your brow on the outside of your eyes.

If you need that extra staying power, use the stay spray again. You can even spray it on the Perfector (this is the Maskcara version of a makeup blending sponge) and use it to press the Stay Spray on to your lids.

Why you should totally try this!

Because it’s so fun to experiment with new looks. Creams are a great gateway to exploring makeup because they are easy to practice with, pretty forgiving and blend really well. I always recommend being color matched first – which I do for free by the way! Just hit Contact at the top of the page and shoot me a message. I’d love to help you pick the right shades to help you feel beautiful.

You can also test out using the highlight color to prime your eyes before you use powder shadows. Any time you combine two products that are different consistencies like a powder and a cream (when applied in the proper order! Always do the most liquid product first unless instructed otherwise) it “sets” the product on your face. This gives it more staying power to last through your day, so you can Get out There, Gorgeous.



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