On your first day of Pre-K, an open letter to my sweet girl.

All of your milestones, take me back to when you were little.

My sweet baby Adelaide. My little chunky girl with roley poley arms and legs. One of two of the tiniest little lives that have changed mine forever. You had the sweetest laugh that is just like yours today, but softer and younger. You always had to snuggle up to mama for sleep and now you lay yourself to sleep after kissing, hugs & I love you to the moon is said. Your first night in your new room, you felt safe enough to sleep all through the night in your big girl bed.You decided one day you were just going to be potty trained and you were.

You’ve always been a friend to everyone. You have the biggest, kindest heart and at times it scares the life out of me. You trust and immediately like everyone. I worry with all of my heart that at some time it may get you in to trouble. But I do my best to teach you that there are threats in this world, people who will hurt you, all while still trying to balance the innocence and love you have for all you meet. Sometimes children and parents are caught off guard the immediate friendship you give. Sometimes it makes them uncomfortable. I always feel sorry for those people. I understand boundaries and stuff, but I feel sorry for them, they don’t understand that you’re a giant ball of friendship just waiting to make their day. I hope that you continue to walk the delicate line of trust and embracing everyone and I pray that you never are hurt from it. Everyone is your “best friend”. You always tell me all of your friends are your best friends. I love that about you my sweet girl.

You have an insatiable desire to learn about your favorite things. In the past, it’s been learning about the body and all of the organs, blood and bones. Currently, it’s about weather – especially tornadoes and tornado sirens, as well as thunder storms. You search tornados on your tablet all of the time. Sometimes I think if I hear one more tornado siren, I just might lose my mind. But then I remember that you love learning about them and it makes me smile. This morning, while we were getting ready for your first day of Pre-K, you were sitting on my bathroom floor, watching a tornado. You said, “Mom. If there were ever a tornado really far away, would you let people who need help come stay at our house?” I said absolutely. I reminded you about when power was out all around our city two years ago for 2 weeks, how we opened our home to all of our friends to stay, have a hot home cooked meal, charge their phones, whatever they needed. We even watched our friend’s lizard for a few days!

You watched a little more of the video and said, “Mom, I like that. I like that we can save people.” You are only 4. Yet, you’re kinder than almost everyone I know. You constantly think about others before yourself. If there is anything that I want you to know, it’s that you should always treat people with kindness. If someone needs help, help them. If someone needs a friend, be their friend. If someone needs compassion, show it to them. Always protect yourself in life but never be afraid to be a good person, even when it’s the unpopular thing to do.  There will be many moments as you grow through the years where you’ll be pressured to do something or say something bad to someone. Never fall in to that pressure. Stand up for the people who others target for weakness and unpopularity. Show them that they are enough. That no one else’s ill feelings or treatment towards them defines how amazing they are. You have a unique power my sweet girl. The power of kindness. Never forget that.

Today, you went in to Pre-K without a fear. You knew I would be there at the end of the day. You gave me a giant hug & kiss and in to the school you went. I snuck 1 more from you before I left, because I was just so proud of you. I hope that this year you learn so much! Thank you for choosing me to be your mom. I’m so happy that I get to walk this journey of life with you.

Mama loves you to the moon.


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