We met on a little website…

September, 2001.

We met on a little website that doesn’t even exist any more. Picture a website that’s part Facebook, part tinder. It was a website where you post your pictures & other’s would rate your looks. Vein, right? But come on. This was 2001. The beginning of social media. The beginning of really putting yourself out on the internet. And, I was 18. It was fun. I wish the website was still active so I could have access to our old messages so I could see exactly how it went, but the conversation went a little something like this…

He wrote me out of the blue. He asked for my phone number & I put him through a slew of questions to ensure he wasn’t a murderer or some other kind of creeper and eventually by the end of the evening, I gave him my phone number. We talked on the phone that night from before 8:00 pm until just after 5:00 am. Keep in mind this was back before calls were unlimited and there was still long distance. He was calling me from California & I was in Washington. During that conversation we learned so much about each other.

Jobs: I was a sales rep for a cell phone company and he was a fire fighter.

I remember telling him that night that I always had a feeling I would marry a fire fighter. We talked about marriage a little bit and by the end of the conversation, we both admitted that we had a feeling this relationship would eventually go somewhere.

That night, led to many nights. Many phone cards. And an eventual round trip airline purchase for him to fly to Washington to see me in November.

Our first time seeing each other in person was at the airport. I was so nervous. Was I really there to pick up this handsome man and bring him back to my apartment to stay a week with me? Was I nuts? Or head over heals crazy? Maybe a combination of both. But it felt right. I was giddy. He called me when he landed. We talked until we saw each other and we gave each other a giant hug. We got in the car & on our way we went. At my apartment we shared our first kiss & our first I love you. Actually, he told me he loved me one night on the phone after he thought I had fallen asleep. I might have, but I was awake for that. 😉

By the end of the trip, we were already planning his return. First Christmas/Birthday, I bought him a one way ticket to come and move in with me. We just knew. This was it. We were meant to be together.

The rest is history.

Marriage can be so hard. You can go through periods where you feel like you aren’t on the same page. You can feel unloved, you can feel disconnected or disappointed. You can feel hurt & confusion. You make mistakes. You both do. You lose sight of what’s important and why you both fell in love in the first place. But marriage takes work. And when you both work together, things get easier. Never easy, just easier. Until one day things may kind of start to move fluidly.

We’ve been through hell and back. I’m so glad we’ve persevered through the hard times. He makes me feel loved and taken care of. He provides for our family. He works hard. He loves and protects the kids and I. He is in a constant state of improving himself and I admire that about him. I still feel really happy when he texts me to tell me hes on his way home from work. I still love when he compliments me and it makes me blush even if just on the inside. I love him. I’m so glad we can say that we’ve been together for 16 years and married for 12.

Crazy little thing the internet is, huh? Who would have thought before these days where online dating is so common, that two people could have met thousands of miles away from each other, spend a week together & end up being together the rest of our lives? It’s crazy really.

I love you to the moon.


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