Center piece on a budget!

Happy fall, ya’ll!

Are you as obsessed with fall as I am? I love all of the decor, fall outfits, crisp air and yet still sunny on some days and most of all – Target’s perk spot! I always snag up as much of their fall decor that I can. They are always great quality for a super reasonable price. This year, I was on a mission to not only find something that I could use for fall decor, but also something that I could use to decorate for my daughter’s 5th birthday. She had a Cinderella themed birthday and I always hate to buy the disposable decorations, so I went with something pretty that we can reuse again every fall.

Everything was $1.00 to $3.00 each. I spent in total:

$12.00 on the larger pumpkins (4)

$12.00 on the succulents (4 – 2 in glasses and 2 in pumpkins)

$3.00 on the greenery (1)

$6.00 on lights (2)

Total: $33.00 for birthday decor that I can keep out all season long AND reuse.

I would have easily spent that on those disposable decorations with cartoon princess characters on them, right?? I love finding good ways to be more frugal that allow for repeated use. Do you do things like this for birthdays or do you buy one time use themed items? I’m guilty of both. But, this way makes me feel much better about the cost. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

You can click on the pictures to view them in full size if you would like.

Thanks for reading gorgeous!







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  1. I love reusing/repurposing everything. These are beautiful! Love it all


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