Fall favorites – Part 2!

Good morning gorgeous. I hope you have your comfy clothes on & coffee in hand because I’m about to share the rest of my fall favorites! This list is much larger than yesterday! I was having difficulties publishing yesterday so before I totally lost my mind, I had to stop writing when I did. haha 🙂 BUT, today is a new day, a new week and I am ready for it. Let’s dig in!


Studio 35 Beauty Nail polish remover pads are LIFE! I will never ever fumble around with cotton balls again. Just open an individually wrapped pad & remove all that cracked and crumbly nail polish from your nails. I can usually remove all the nail polish from both my toes & fingers with one pad. Then, just toss & be done. As a mom I love anything that allows me to not have to keep an open bottle of something out while I’m trying to use it.

Pretty Woman nail polish lasted longer on my nails than any other nail polish I’ve used. I received it in my Ipsy bag and wasn’t excited for it because constantly washing my hands and dishes means my nail polish generally doesn’t stay on long at all. This stuff is the real deal. I love the shade on my nails and I think I had it on about 7 days before it started peeling. I can honestly say most start peeling on me within about 48 hours.

Maskcara Beauty B Squared brush has made my makeup blend so beautifully! I use it to blend my highlight and contour as well as my blush and illuminator.  I also use it to apply my bronzer and setting powder. I’ve began to use it in lieu of a Maskcara Perfector or beauty blender. I love the fact that I can reuse it again and again vs. having to toss it out every month or so like you have to with a blending sponge. My makeup has never looked better now that I use this after applying with my Power Powder brush from Maskcara.

Deco cuticle oil in lavender can help revive your dry cuticles. It has a blend of vitamins and natural oils like bamboo extract and argan oil to help nourish your dry and peeling cuticles. My cuticles seemed to almost always look gross and dry but after 4 nights of applying this, I already noticed a huge difference. I am trying to be better about applying each night at bed time because I think it’s making a huge difference for me.  I forget about all of the detailed self care like this but I shouldn’t because little details like this make me feel really good and more put together when they look right. It smells great too!


First Train Out of Denver by Leo Jenkins has given me incredible wanderlust. He takes you through his life after deciding to sell a successful gym that he owned to embark on a journey with just the money to his name, no job, no responsibilities, no schedule and no cell phone. He just went where life took him and he has had an incredible journey so far. Imagine finding yourself able to go  where the tide takes you… I dream of it. I feel like I can’t share much more than that without totally telling you all about the book. Just know that if you’ve felt stuck in life, this is a book worth reading. Leo inspires me so much and I’m so grateful that my husband turned me on to his books.


Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer is the first primer I fell in love with! I have found in the past that primer generally didn’t work well with my skin & makeup. I would be left a lot of times with blotchy patches of makeup on my face. This primer combined with my Maskcara makeup looks so beautiful and by the end of the day, my makeup still looks so beautiful. The other night I literally thought I didn’t want to take my makeup off because it looked so good before bed. hahaha! I took it off anyway of course but you know what I mean.


For Maskcara products, visit my shop here.

Well that is it y’all! I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of my favorite things this month. Have you tried any of these? Will you be trying any of them? Comment & let me know and of course hit the follow button. 🙂

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