How long will your Maskcara single last you?

I always wonder when I buy new products, how long the container will really last be in terms of everyday use. This chart is so helpful because it shows you if you were to use the product as intended everyday this is how long our teeny tiny little tins will last you! It really shows how pigmented our products are.

$96 for a YEAR worth of makeup?! Yes please! Thats how much it would cost you to buy and replace your tins for 12 months. Amazing!

Do you need help being color matched?

Or do you have a question about the products at all?

Let me know 🙂

Want to shop?
Go to:

…and be sure to enter party number 4658 at checkout!

The best part?

Maskcara has an artist exclusive program meaning when you shop from me I become your maskcara artist for life. Any problems or questions can be directed to me and I would love to help you for the duration of your mascara Journey. 🙂

Maskcara is cruelty free, gluten free and paraben free!

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