Maskcara Holiday gift guide – a guide to filling her stocking with all of the best deals & goodies!

I really wanted to take the time and share with you all what some of the best deals are with Maskcara this season!

But first… a fun fact!

How cool is that? Just buy all of the Maskcara and fill up a stocking! Easy peasy & who wouldn’t love a stocking full of confidence and self love?

And, they smell like cucumber!

Just wet it, squeeze out the water & tap, tap, tap on your face to blend to a beautiful finish!

It’s like 2 brushes in 1!

Dries immediately so it’s perfect to cleanse and use your brushes right away!

I also love a dab of it on the center of my lips over a red matte lip!

Apply any face powders, setting powder or bronzer, blend makeup, apply blush and more!

I’ve had my favorite shades for a year this upcoming spring and they are still full!

Use on lips, cheeks, as an eyeshadow and some can be used as a color corrector!

My favorite products! Great for men, women and teens!

I take mine everywhere I go! It sparks conversations all the time!

Ready to get your shop on or just wanna look around? Visit my website HERE! Be sure to enter party number 4658 at checkout. 🙂

That wraps up this little gift guide loves! Thank you for checking it out!



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