The life & death of a Barbie named Bob Marley

Meet, Bob Marley.

This is my barbie from when I was a kid. Before she was mine, she was my babysitter’s daughter’s barbie. She has a date on her neck from 1976. I used to play with barbie’s at my babysitter’s house and when her girls were finally old enough to not want to play with them again, she gave them to me. I loved this one because she had tan lines. ha! Sun cancer Barbie. 😉 I just thought that was such a fun detail even as a little girl. It made her stand out from the other barbies. The dress that she is wearing is also a dress from the hand me downs I received.

When my mom was cleaning out the stuff that I had stored at her house, she came across my barbies and brought me down a bag of my old dolls, accessories and some random little toys. When I pulled this doll out, I immediately remembered cutting her hair. I was 6 years old. I had just had a great time cutting a ton of my doll and stuffed animal’s hair. I cut her hair and loved the style, so, what did I do? pulled my hair up to where my bangs were, and, SNIP! I chopped my hair less than an inch long in that one spot of my head.

My uncle Dean was staying with us from Alaska and he walked in to my room to give me a hug before he had to leave to go back home and I just remember the “oh shit” look on his face, turn to an immediate grin. “Hey Lynda, you better come in here”… My mom came in and thought it was hilarious. “All kids do this.” I remember her saying. OK cool. I’m not in trouble. Whew. Then my step dad saw it and he was not happy. haha. But, what can you do?

My punishment so to speak was that I had school pictures the next day and I had to get them done with my hair like that because there wasn’t time to get my hair cut. Ah, the memories. 😉

Back to Bob Marley.

When I showed the dolls to my daughter, she immediately decided this one’s name would be Bob Marley. I love it, I told her. She has always loved Bob Marley. I played him for her in my womb for months before she was born. I play him when we need a pick me up. When he comes on Pandora or on the TV, she immediately knows it’s him and tells me, “Mama that’s Bob Marley!”. It makes my heart happy that his music that makes me so happy also fills her up with joy.

Initially I took this picture for sharing on Facebook in 2015. A few months ago when she was playing with Bob Marley, my daughter some how broke the little ball thing inside of the dolls neck that holds the head on. Bob Marley lived to be 41 years old before we had to toss her to the garbage gods. But, seeing her picture today made me smile and I wanted to share her quirky little life story with you all.

Do you have any toys as an adult that you had when you were a little kid? What’s their story? I would love to hear it! Tell us in the comments below!



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