Self care – How much can I fit in to 24 hours?

Self care is the one thing that I think generally looks the same to most women. When we think of self care, we think of things like:

  • Bubble baths or long hot showers
  • Shaving those incredibly long body hairs wherever we’ve neglected them
  • Reading a book
  • Going for a walk
  • Quiet time in your favorite place
  • Sleeping in or taking a nap
  • etc…

The list goes on, but you catch my drift, right? We all crave the same things. But, I think we crave more. I’ve been reading a lot about self care lately because I feel like I’m on the cusp of a great personal break through soon. You know when you can almost smell change in the air but you aren’t sure what form it will take? I’ve been pursuing a place where I can mentally and emotionally handle a more productive lifestyle in terms of tackling goals and being more of the mom, wife, friend, family member & SELF that I know I can be and that I want to be.

I’m learning that self care can really mean you get your shit together. It can mean that you make the time to do the things you NEED to do vs. what you want to do.

  • Budget
  • Declutter
  • Work on relationships with friends that are feeling hard, because they are worth it.
  • Enforce the positive changes in your household.
  • Exercise no matter how badly you hate the idea of it.
  • Put your damn foot down already & STOP eating badly. Stop it.

What do I feel like I need to do? We do NOT have long enough to go over it all girlfriend. 😉 However, there are some things I want to work on. I decided 39 minutes ago at 9:00 pm that I was making the attempt to do as many positive changes in 24 hours that I could just to see what felt right.

  1. Drink more water. I’ve been slacking a LOT on this.
  2. Don’t eat after 6pm because it makes me feel really guilty and then I eat more because I feel guilty.
  3. Get on the treadmill and see what happens. No expectations. Just get on it, press start & see what happens.
  4. Sign Addy up for ballet.
  5. Have a talk in the morning with the kids to talk about what our day looks like, expectations, etc.
  6. Grocery shop & buy only what we need, with a $50.00 budget. We don’t need the extras. We don’t need 2 of everything.
  7. Put away all of the laundry from the laundry room. CLEAN UP THE CLOTHES IN THE CLOSET. If you want to love yourself, treat the things you’ve putting on your body with love and respect. Why are there clothes in a pile on the floor? Stop putting everyone else’s clothes away, folding them nicely and color coding them, hanging them up etc… and then throwing yours in a pile. You are an amazing women & you need to treat yourself that way. THIS IS A PICTURE OF WHAT YOU THINK YOU’RE WORTH. You deserve to love yourself and your things.
  8. Read 50 more pages of the book you’re reading. It’s called the Prism Weight Loss Program by Karen Kingsbury. It focuses on transforming your whole self in 3 areas: physically, emotionally & spiritually.  You want these things to be better, do the work.
  9. Load up boxes to donate to local needs & the rest need to go to the thrift store ON MONDAY. Not the next day or later. MONDAY. Stop taking up space in your husband’s garage, in your closet, etc… You already decided you don’t want the stuff, stop holding on to it. Get it out of the house. Get your space back.
  10. Remind your friends that you love them and that you’re working on yourself so that you can be there for them.
  11. Vacuum the car. You are in it almost every single day, keep it clean.
  12. No more buying food on the go for now. Stop buying lattes. Stop buying fast food. It’s not necessary. It’s expensive. Make things at home instead. Use your hands. Be proud even if it is just a tuna sandwich, it cost you pennies vs. $$$.
  13. Call and get appointments for the dog & cat to get their nails trimmed & another appointment to get the dog’s hair cut.
  14. Spend meaningful, intentional, one on one time with the kids. They are growing so fast it makes your heart ache. The days may be hard at times but they are your entire world. They are the sweetest, best little people you’ve ever met. Cut yourself some slack. You’re doing great mama.
  15. Do something nice for your husband. Even small things he may not notice but that make his days and nights run smoother are worth the effort.
  16. Shower at night after the kids are in bed. It gives you time to enjoy the hot water and take time to take care of your body instead of being rushed out.
  17. Listen to more calming music. It makes your heart happy.

That’s all that I can think of right now. This wrote as more of a to do list for what I need to do tomorrow with some whys and a little tough self love, but it works for me. 17 things. If I do them all, I’ll feel really good. Why can’t I do them all, right? Well, because, life. Life happens. And it can be tough to get even a handful of these things done some days. But, I’m devoting a day to doing what I can, with my two littles along for the ride.




I’ve already completed #17 (listening to meditation music) & it’s actually got me really calm and I think has helped me to get some of these thoughts in to writing. I also completed #16 and got out of bed to do it. I am working on number 1 right now as well.

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