New Product: Know Your Angles brow brush


Know Your Angles Brow Brush

Maskcara has done it again. They have released another amazing, dual ended brush. This time, it has an angled side to help you precisely create natural looking hairs and sweep color through your brows. The spooley end helps you to blend the product in to your brows for a soft and natural looking finish.
I know what you’re thinking.
“WHY on EARTH do I need this brush, Brandy?”
Well, let me tell you! For all of the reasons above, for one. Two, since it is dual ended, it’s one less brush for you to have to carry around. You can have our ENTIRE brush collection and have 14 different brush ends, but only have to carry a total of 7 brushes. Dual ended = less waste, less clutter, less to have to carry when you travel the world on your adventures. I’ve shared with you before how Maskcara products can be used for multiple purposes. With this brush you can use our eye shadows or contours to fill in and shade your brows (or your favorite brow product). My favorite part is that I don’t have to keep my yucky beat down brow pencil any more just because it has a spooly end. haha
I recommend using Trust eyeshadow, Oak eyeshadow, Indigo contour or Shadow contour to create the perfect color!
Find the brush & your perfect shades on my website, HERE.
As always, I so appreciate your support! Thanks for reading along, following me and shopping with me. If you need help, just shoot me an email! I would love to help color match you.


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  1. I need to order mine like yesterday!


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