Decluttering the Bathrooms this week!!

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe it’s 2018. Where the heck did the year go!? I swear it was the fastest year of my life. I feel like it was pretty crazy and with being sick so often, it lead to me having more clutter than I would like. I look at the New Year as the PERFECT opportunity to take my house back and restore it to a place of peace and comfort.

I have been following Allie Casazza for a while. You may know her as the mom who infamously  purged almost all of her kids toys. I loved her from the moment that I read that post! She focuses on trying to live an intentionally minimalist life. She is beginning a challenge today, called Declutter Like A Mother! You can check out the details HERE & sign up for the FREE challenge. You’ll receive emails & you’ll have to follow along on her facebook group as well.

The reason I thought this was a great thing to try is she encourages you to only try to clean 30 minutes every day for 30 days. It’s not an all or nothing type of challenge. I’m not going to have to choose between spending time with my kids or de-cluttering. We can all find 30 minutes in a day. She will tell us what rooms to focus on and then we are just free to go for it. 🙂

Today, we started with bathrooms. She says that the bathroom is a great place to start because not a lot of people have precious meaningful items in the bathroom. It’s a good place to get started with out running in to road blocks. Sign up so you can read all of her other good points in the email! I am not an affiliate of hers, I’m just really excited about this and to share my progress with you all!

So, I went for it. I cleaned out the drawers, counter, closet and around in the bathtub/shower. Here are some before photos to show the clutter that I took to show you how truly awful this rarely used catch all became.


Ok. That’s embarassing. hahaha. But I mean come on. I am a busy mom of two little kids under 5! They take up a lot of my time and focus, I work my Maskcara business from home, try to take care of what I can and I this closet wasn’t an area that we used. But, we need to use it! It’s a great space to store things and use daily.


I ended up getting rid of an ENTIRE GARBAGE BAG of garbage. This included mostly expired products. What a waste of money. I felt really awful for that. I used to buy things in pairs or in bulk. Never again. I only need 1 shampoo. 1 conditioner. 1 face wipe case, etc… I also got rid of a box full of recycling and some stuff to sell in my local buy sell trade group. I sold a few more things than what is shown here.


Here are the after photos of my bathroom closet! My mom had cleaned out her pantry the last time that I visited and gave me all of these awesome white baskets to help me organize something. I held on to them for a month or so and finally decided that I would use them this morning. Everything is sorted by categories;




Top shelf: Towels on the left, pads & tampons on the right.

2nd shelf: Bath stuff, including candles, scentsy, mp3 speakers on the left side, perfume, hair extensions & makeup stuff on the right.

3rd shelf: My stuff that I use to ship out freebies from my blog and group. The left stuff is all of the shipping stuff, the right side are all of the freebies. 🙂

Here is a photo & description of the rest of the shelves:


The shelf above the bottom has first aid stuff on the left and Bath cleaning stuff on the right. I still need to better organize the first aid stuff a bit better, but there’s an excess amount so it will likely involve me making a couple of first aid kits to get the “clutter” out of the basket.

Finally on the bottom from left to right, plunger & toilet scrubbers, a box that holds bigger empty boxes for me to ship out freebies and then the dog clippers and the kids bath stuff.

I removed all of the things from the shower window and hung up the toy basket.



I removed all of the unnecessary things from the drawers and we were just left with toilet paper (within arms reach of the toilet – yay! As well as my daughters hair stuff and the kiddos tooth brush stuff.

Finally, I took the one living plant from the shower window, cleaned it up and put it next to the sink. What do you think? I think I did pretty dang good!


Are you going to join this challenge with me? You should! I’d love to hear from you!



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