Decluttering the 2nd Bathroom

If you joined me yesterday, you saw that I am following along  Allie Casazza’s Declutter Like A Mother plan. She is offering this free plan on her website, and on her facebook page. So, if you’re curious about my progress and want to catch up, be sure to view yesterday’s post. 🙂

So far since starting this process, here are my stats!


  • 3 very full garbage bags
  • 1 big box full of recycling


  • 0. Thus far, theres been nothing worth donating.

Sold or gave away:

  • 10 items

Profited: $0.50 from finding change and $32.00 from reselling.

Total: $32.50

This week we are focusing on bathroom rooms. I did the kid’s bathroom yesterday and today I moved on to the master bathroom. Bathrooms have always been a bit of a disheveled place for me! I love beauty products, so I hoard them and when I’m trying to get ready, it’s totally chaotic because I think my kids love my products just as much as I do. By the time I’m finished doing hair and makeup, it looks like a beauty store exploded in my bathroom. Here are some before and afters to show you how this decluttering process went as well as some of my thoughts and why things are where they are. 🙂

Shared cabinets & drawer before & afters.


I literally cut down the amount of items inside of these two cabinets by 3/4! It feels great to have all of the junk removed and we can now find what we are looking for with ease.



Before these towel drawers were total chaos! I could barely close them. I put all of the bath towels in the bottom drawer and the hand towels in this drawer, along with my face cleansing products, deodorants, etc… My new rule will be, what doesn’t fit in this bin, won’t go in this drawer.



My husbands side of the cabinets.



My side of the cabinets. What a flipping mess before right?! Now I feel totally peaceful when I look for something. In the bottom cabinet I have my curling irons and straighteners in the little metal drawer, and odds and ends that I don’t use often but still need above it. On the right I have boxes FULL of beauty giveaways.

Above the sink I have all my lippies and nail polishes, earrings, etc…

Out with the old…


Removed from this bathroom alone was two FULL garbage bags! I feel lighter already. 🙂

The final reveal! A lighter, brighter space.


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