#Declutterlikeamother – Living room closet edition

Thanks for stopping by to catch up on my decluttering efforts! I have finished the bathrooms in our house and am now moving on to closets. I started with the closet in our living room/great room space. This is where I keep my camera equipment, our daily use coats and accessories needed for cold weather, a holding place for bags of clothes I have to donate and the mannequin stuff I use to take photos of kids clothes to list for resale. Here is a before photo. I literally thought an avalanche of clothes would fall on me. 😉


Also pictured in the closet; a rack I use for holding and organizing our hats, etc… a broken stool that I need my husband to fix and a show and share bag that my daughter has to bring to preschool.

I began by pulling everything out. I only left the hanging clothes. I went through them, decided what I would keep, what I would donate and what could be moved to our own personal closets so that there would be more space for guests to hang their stuff up. I kept my camera stuff up on the top shelf because it’s within easy reach and still out of the hands of my littles. Also, I have a small stash of DVDs that I will probably move. They are up there because my kids  think DVDs are freebies or skies.

I sorted the keep items by person, then hung and put them away. Oh look, it’s my helpers. Cutest little helpers I ever did see. 😉IMG_5578


I love having a hook on the back of the door to hang my purse. It keeps it super easy to grab and head out the door when we quickly have to get to school or a an appointment.



This was actually a fun decluttering job because there wasn’t much that I had to make a decision to keep or let go of, since I had already made the decision about most stuff prior to cleaning this out. The kids were able to help with most of it because there wasn’t much they could mess up or break. The only time I got a little annoyed was when they tried to pull stuff from the bottom of the pile. lol


Another bag out the door to donate!

That brings my totals thus far to:

Tossed: 4 full containers for garbage, 1 full container of recycling

Donated: 1 full container

Sold or gave away: 10 items

Total profit: $32.50

I have pretty much already purged each of our bedroom closets but I am looking forward to doing the guest closet next. It has a lot of extra blankets, pillows, sewing stuff and what not. Maybe when I’m done, guests will have a real place to store their stuff. haha


Thanks for joining me again today!

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