Morning “coffee” with my kids

I’m just laughing to myself because these pictures and this story is from yesterday & seems so tranquil and sweet. This morning as I write this, my kids are wearing more cocoa than they have drank & have succeeded in making the biggest mess ever in all the places I told them not to drink it. Mom life, right? I’ve got this. Let’s go back to yesterday. 😉

I made up a “coffee” party with my kids. We always call their cocoa or tea or milk, coffee because they like to drink coffee like mama. I wanted to make it special, so we used a mixed assortment of special things.

The large cream and sugar containers – which I used for cocoa and rainbow marshmallows – were my late grandmother’s. They are old and beautiful, have age cracks and have a pearl type look to them.

The cow and elephant creamers were in the giveaway bags at my bridal shower. My mom won them and she recently passed them back to me.

The vase and the little tea set were finds ay a thrift store.

The little tray I’ve used since my baby shower with Addy.

It’s always so nice when I can create something whimsical for my kids with things that are meaningful to me. Our cat even enjoyed it. 😉

Oh and see that table cloth? Notice the feathers on it? I ordered this for Gray’s first birthday. He is my rainbow baby – a baby born after I had two prior baby losses. Feathers have always shown up when I’m thinking of them or having a bad day and this table cloth was a sweet unspoken way for me to not only be greatful for my sweet boy on his birthday but to also acknowledge the siblings who couldn’t be there with us to celebrate.

My babies. ♡

I just wanted to share our little moment with you all. I’d love to hear from you in the comments!




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  1. Love your sweet little family I’m going to do this when I have grandkids ♥️♥️♥️♥️


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