Free Shirts

I am always on the look out for some sweet women who want to treat themselves. You work long hard hours taking care of everyone else, it’s time you take care of yourself!

All you have to do is talk to a few of your friends (that’s right. I don’t want you to invite everyone on your friends list. That is so impersonal and girlfriend, girlfriend time should be with the ones you enjoy spending your time with, who you know will want to support your right to wear the cutest graphic tees! I want you to message the friends who you really think might be interested and get their okay to add them) and see who would like to come join you and I for your pop up shop, There, we will share the cute shirts & other things J. Elizabeth has to offer.

What’s in it for you? Rewards of course! Free shirts and goodies depending on the sales volume your pop reaches. I’ll do most of the work, because like I said, this event is about taking care of you. I will however ask that you participate on the posts because your friends will want to see what you like. 🙂

Hostess Rewards

If anyone signs up to host a party from your party, and their party qualifies (they have 10 sales), then you receive a $10.00 credit that you can use with my boutique.

If anyone signs up to be a consultant with me from your party, and they sell their first 10 items within their first 10 days with J. Elizabeth, you’ll receive another $10.00 credit to use with my boutique.

These rewards are only offered directly through me. J. Elizabeth does not currently at this time offer a hostess rewards program. I believe that when people support me and my business that I should support them back. This is my way of doing that.

Are you interested in hosting a pop up shop? Send me a message HERE. I’d love to chat with you more about this! It’s free and fun for you. 🙂

Not sure what kind of goodies I have to offer or just want to shop? Visit my website HERE.

Are you interested in becoming a consultant and starting your own online boutique for only $10.00? Read more about it HERE,

Thanks for reading love!



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