Eyeshadow Techniques using your HAC pack


Eyeshadow is not complicated!

You can actalycomplete a full look with what is in a HAC Pack. Using the contour to create the Halo look is a really quick way to make your girl’s eyes look bigger instantly. You can add a bit of color using her blush if you’d like to bring out the color of her eyes as well.

Cara has done a full ‘Eye Shadow School’ on her blog and you can find each of those tutorials here.

If there is a look you have always wanted and just can’t seem to achieve, it may be your eye shape. Some looks may not look the same on your eyes. Understanding how different eye shapes wear eyeshadow is a great place to start before getting shadow on your customers.

Picking Eyeshadow

You can really use almost any color. Eyeshadow is more of a personal taste thing than an exact science. Each look could have a highlight color, midtone color, and a darker color. If your customers are looking for somewhere to start, you can suggest they get one of each. You can tell what these are just by looking at them! For example: Salem, amethyst, and trust are all dark colors. Some highlight colors are: Stardust, rome, Sabrina, Mama. Midtone Colors would really be anything else!

Eyeliner Tip

When working with older women, be sure to be very precise and exact, especially if you are going to line their eyes. When it looks messy it can distract from their beauty and make people focus on their makeup. Make sure you never leave a gap between the eyeball and eyeliner. This can instantly age someone and distract from their eyes. See Cara’s Instagram post about that impact here.

Quick Notes:

Did you notice a brand new folder in our Resources page?! We have the most darling desktop and phone backgrounds that can be found here!

Please note that if you purchase multiple gift cards in one order, the order may not post! Please keep an eye on this and contact Ask if you see it happen. We suggest buying less than 5 gift cards at a time because if the ‘Notes’ section get’s too full, the invoice gets very confused.

While we are talking about the Notes section: our warehouse does not see/read this section! If you are hoping to change a compact color using this section we can not guarantee it will happen. We are hoping to have a more robust system where you could leave notes or maybe do gift receipts but at this time, leaving Notes on your orders may cause you problems so we would suggest leaving this blank!

Hope your Labor Day weekend was beautiful ❤

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